I know this is a pretty retarded question, but I saw some guitar where the highest bid was about 30 bucks.

I was wondering if the seller can take back the sell, as in if he/she doesnt get the amount of money he wants he doesnt it sell it, even after he put it up on ebay.

And what are the chances of me actually paying 30 bucks(plus 30 bucks s&h) for a 400 guitar?
If you are the seller, you can set a minimum bid level. So that if that never gets reached it wont sell, but you still have to pay the 10p or whatever towards ebay for listing it for you.
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Not very well. Yes they can choose not to sell. Usually they set a reserve price, which is the price the sale has to reach before they are required to sell it. If they choose not to set a reserve, it sells for any price.
1. S/He can not take the bid away, its against the rules thats why they made reserve
2.If the guitar is kind of old (not vintage, or Gibson) it can be possible, you might be lucky and get a mother with her son's old guitar
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