well i bought an epi les paul last september on sale for about 400$, and it had a year warenty, and it had some minor things wrong with it and i figured b4 warenty expires i would get it fixed, so we called and they gave us a adress to go to, and my dad went and it was some guy in the middle of the ghetto's house, and my dad was like screw that i thought it was a warehouse or company, so he called and complained and they said they would get back to him, and they called today and just said "well we are just gonna send you a check for $400 to buy a new guitar" it sounds to good to be true, they didnt say i need to send back my guitar i have now so maybe they think its broke or something because normally they make you send the guitar first, and then they send guitar, and i know they are making it out to guitar center, but i hope they dont make it out for the same guitar, if they dont im gonna trade im my broke one or sell it to friend and then buy a more expensive one.
Yea Guitar Center always does that, thats why I like GC alot because there cool with just sending you money and you not needing to send your guitar back.
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Did you not try it before you bought it?
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Did you not try it before you bought it?

? what are you talking about i've had my guitar for like a year, whats that got to do with anything?