I just realized that if a harmonica had steel (ferromagnetic) reeds, the vibrations could be picked up in a guitar pickup. Will someone try and tell me how it goes? My harmonica is brass. I figure you could then drive the sound, wah-wah it, phase, flange, delay, anything and it'd probably sound sweet because a pickup with any impedance should change the tone some what too!

PS, this would probably work best if you opened/exposed the harmonica reeds. If you have your guitar open and a pickup hanging out, that'd help too. Oh, and only blow/draw reeds will work at a time unless you rig 2 pickups to both sides.
i just started messing around with an old harmonica earlier ill try that out
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hold it! I just took my brass harp and played it at my pickups, all I got was sympathetic resonance, but when I touched the harp to the strings, it forced them to vibrate and produce a noise! hard to play while cramming your face into the guitar, but I may take out a pup and test this! It played through very clean (a little crunch to it). If someone has a digitech whammy pedal, try that on it too, that could sound cool. Thanks everyone for fulfilling my dreams

And still try my idea if your crazy enough!
you could get a good karoike (sp?) Mic, and just run that though you pedals and crap. And then play in the Mic. And then you could do it with any Harmonica.
urm, ill try it on my guitar tomorow, it's EMGs, ill erm, post whatever sound i got.
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urm, ill try it on my guitar tomorow, it's EMGs, ill erm, post whatever sound i got.

sweet! it sounds kind of neat through a spider II (its all ive got ), but it should sound better through anything else. Do you think if you could play it loud enough you could cause a feedback loop, in the harmonica? It'd probably need to be so loud you'd go deaf, so don't try it. Or, i'm just thinking out loud, but what if you took the cover off and held an e-bow sustainer over the reed? That could probably work! "I'm getting goose pimples"!