I like what I've heard, but that's only a few songs

If Hitler's **** could start to talk, it would say: To kill today.
If Hitler's **** could choose it's mate, it would ask, for Sharon Tate!

Haha. AS are awesome. Unboxed Set is gnarly. They lyrics sometime seem like they are made to rhyme more than actually writing to write but its w.e mang. I think they are one of the coolest punk bands def in my top ten.
The Angry Samoans are awesome. Back From Samoa is one of my favorite punk records, and I guess it's one of the more underrated ones too. I listened to it all the way through tons of times last summer.
They're awesome! My best friend LOVES them. I got her one of their records for her birthday. Might have been Back from Samoa.

Metal Mike is supposed to be really nice. My friend knows him pretty well. He's a quirky guy apparently.
I remember seeing a lot of photos from 80's hardcore bands with angry somoans writtern on them. I checked em out, but theyre not really my thing. they got a few good songs like "lights out" and some other ones i can't remember the name but i mean theyre good. If you like that kinda thang
The Angry Samoans are awesome, Back From Samoa may only be about 15 minutes long but it's amazingly fun to listen to. I think I'm going to pop it in right now... Not Of This Earth has got to be my favorite track

Edit: "I'll put your head in a milk bottle!" is one of my favorite lines in any song
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