Hey everyone!
I've got a guitar, a Hayman 2020 (Haymans was made by burns guitars, and english company) it has a zero fret, as opposed to a raised nut, and upon inspection earlier today i noticed that there are two nicks in it right below a high E string. So if i bend further than a quarter step, there is a high pitched noise as it slips into the other groove.

i'm wondering if i can do anything like file down the fret a miniscule amount or if i should just get the fret replaced, i'd have it brought to the shop in the first place but i'm trying to get it in good enough condition to sell, so i'd like to save some dough if possible. there is binding along the neck so i'm sure that'd be an extra cost to put the binding back on too.

my only concern is that filing down the fret a little under the high E would have ill effects, such as the string lieing too low ad bottoming out at the first fret instead of the 0 fret. any opinions would be appreciated