It's starting again!!! football season is nearly underway, and this is a thread dedicated to the discussion of all football-related items.

to get things going, i think Darren McFadden is going to win the Heisman this year...
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Thats probably true, okay another question:

Are the Lions actually going to win over ten games this year?

BTW First Page!!!!!!!!!!!!
Indianapolis FTW!!!

and no, i loved them since waaaay before they won the superbowl, or when Peyton got the record. more like 6~7 years ago i started watching colts football.
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...not gonna happen.
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B.C. Lions are winning as I type...
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... better ****ing happen with our even more stacked lineup. It's gonna be a good year for my sports teams in general with the Celtics with a stacked lineup that will actually make the playoffs then there's the red sox too. Yay for rich teams.
yea i think tony romo is just gonna suck this year he got luck and for college

Rams, baby. Steven Jackson's gonna have his breakout year.
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