I played an "older" tokai strat - no idea how old - it was the only "strat" in the shop when I bought my amp - I hated the neck - Personal preference and all that, but I'd recommend trying one before parting with any cash!
i tried a couple recently, they're very nice. Only reason i didn't buy it is that (a) the first shop lied to me that it was new when it was in fact second hand so they lost my business (b) the other one was in a colour i loathe (gold! ) and (c) i'm not sold on 21 frets.

But yeah, sweet. Absolutely a million times better than a MIM strat, highway one etc. Similar in quality, if not better, to MIA strat, though it's not a straight comparison, as the MIA is a more modern strat, while those tokais (depending on model of course, i'm going by the ones I've tried) are vintage 50's-style strats.

EDIT: ^ i agree about personal preference and trying it first. I loved the neck, but that's just me. Also, I have no idea how old the ones I tried were.
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I saw in a couple of pictures that on Bucketheads Les Paul (only some pictures) that his neck pickup is painted in white. Can anyone explain to me why he would do this, and if there are any pros and cons.

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The guy wears a KFC Bucket and a white mask during performances, and you're interested in the color of his pickup covers?

I had one and it played beautifully. Mine had a more rounded fretboard which made it harder
to play at first(I don't know if their all like that). I had a hell of a time playing bar Chords at first. But it was a great guitar.
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