That's a professional recording?

Wow. I'm happy i can attain a similar sound at home.
"The Keeping."

The guitars, as far as I'm concerned are really good, and a pleasure to listen to. The vocals started off well, but went downhill from there. Also, there needs to be a little more variation vocally, I heard you hitting the same note over and over again and it soon became repetitive and annoying.

"Fight a little."

Again, great guitars. The vocals were a little shakey but a lot better than in "The Keeping", though they could do with a lot of work. I enjoyed listening to this song.

"The Sending."

The guitars in this are once again, amazing. The mix of pick work and rhythm you have there is better than most bands achieve, well done. The vocals in this song are best at the start in the slower section. A few duff notes are hit here and there while singing the more 'aggressive' part of the song, but they are fair nonetheless.

Overall, I think the guitars are amazing, the vocals however, need improving. I suggest vocal lessons, or if you already take them, reading up on alternative breathing tecniques. It really helped me personally. Give it a shot. I recommend: http://www.vocalist.org.uk
Good luck in the future guys, you have a lot of potential.
Overall, I think the guitars are amazing

I agree, but perhaps you should play some guitar-solos in your songs
the guitar work is very out standing, and the vocalist can sing, obviously, he just needs a little more strength is his voice, and more variety with notes. maybe check out the vocal tips thread? i think it helped me alot. the lyrics came off as very average.

once agian guitars are top notch. realy stand out.
I have a box full of voices, but they all sound the same.