REally nice, good material and good equipment. Reminds me of a band where I live called Sidistic. Great job, and thanks for criting mine!
Guitar tone is a little muddy. The actual riffage is pretty good though. The cymbals are way too loud though, they drown everythign else out. The vocals are alright, but I'm not too crazy about those kind of vocals. When the clean guitars come in it's pretty cool. The clean vocals are alright as well, but a little too low in the mix.

Overall, pretty cool song, just needs some work.
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Thanks. Yeah the muddiness is from using a kareoke mic... haha and we had no way of controlling the cymbals cause we only micd the set with one mic hahaha but thanks yeah we'll take that into account next time we record.
This song improves alot for me when the vocals are normal. About the 1:30 mark I think. As already said, cymbals too loud, guitars a little too muddy. I do not like this style of vocals i'm sorry to say, yet I listened to the whole piece (speakers up too) and If thsi ws recorded alot better, I would rather like it.

I do like the slower cleaner sounding section in this song. But them vocals to me sounds like animal in pain. Lol But, good riffs, not bad drumming either. A good song. Would you do the honors of giving my song some crit? Thank you https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=648071
Cool stuff man, nice guitar playing. Reminds me of the popular stuff you see on MTV now, you should send it to some record labels.
not bad. very heavy metal. sounds very professional. not much wrong with this. very epic sounding. keep it up. crit mine, link is in my sig under recordings
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