So we all know pretty much everyone hates being sick.
Me too.
I'm currently sick. As is most of my family.
So I was wondering, does anyone have some remedies that really works?
Preferably for a stuffed/runny nose.
Cause nothing seems to be working for me and I'd really like to sleep tonight. Last night I couldnt sleep due to lack of breathing ability.

So, almighty UG. Help?
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that vaporub that you put on your chest.

it smells like s**t, and reminds you of really old people.

but it works.
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Icy hot.
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im hungover, but i know thats my fault so im not complaining haha

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I too am sick. There is no real cure, but Dayquil/Nyquil works pretty good. Drink lots of water and get a lot of vitamin C. I just smoked a little herbage to ease my nausea, that helps sometimes too.
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vtamin C, lots of water and if you get crazy from the nose you can use a cortisone nose spray. Just dont use it too often cause if you do your nose will get chronical runny/stuffed.
Do you have the flu?
Like 50 percent of australia has had it, and the wave is almost over. I just got over it.
Loads of sleep and rest, medicine, i like sleeping outside too, if its a warm day, the sun is really nice on the skin when your cold.
I've heard pouring tabasco in you left eye helps.
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Sniff some ammonia.
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Get one of those stick things that you shove up a nostril and breath in. They feel rank, but it'll clear your nose instantly. But just take it easy, and drink lots of fluids. Really does help. I like using being ill as an excuse to sit in front of the computer with hot chocolate. I do that anyway, but it's nice to have an excuse.
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