I'm sure this has probably been discussed here before, but I couldn't find any threads with this exact topic.

I'm starting out as a guitarist, at age fifteen, and am really enjoying it. I'm experiencing "beginner's frustrations" with playing guitar, cause being my TINY fingers. My middle finger is 8cm from base to tip, and I have quite chubby fingers. Being realistic, this will no doubt hinder my prowess as a guitarist (hey, we all have rockstar starting ambitions, right?), but I don't know to what extent. I certainly won't be playing Pantera solos any time, ever, haha.

What I'm trying to ask is: How important is finger length in relation to playing quality guitar? I'm into (foremost) rock music (LOVE The Smashing Pumpkins), and I've had a few friends tell me it won't really matter but I can't help but thinking it will, despite their insistence.

What're your opinions?

Thanks in advance, guys and girls.
My middle finger (at least), is exactly the same length as yours, and I've never had any problems. Give yourself some time, like you say its just 'beginners frustrations' because your a beginner, not because of your finger length.
it doesnt matter at all really,like you said begginers frustration and you think that the problem is your fingers,i know a guy with really long fingers and he says its just as hard,its really about coordination your fingers will develope eventually and youll be just fine,to answear you question size doesnt matter.
it's less length than it is versatility, and you'll build that up as you play. make sure to use your little finger a lot for more abilities.
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Thanks for all the friendly (and inspirational!!) advice guys, will definitely be coming back to this forum for advice.
Angus Young has very small hands and he can play as fast as anyone when he wants to.
Im the same, like others said it will be ok.
Using the pinky is good advice, it will allow you to stretch further and faster than if you have to move your while hand up to use the 3rd finger.
All i have to say is watch one of Yngwie Malmsteen's blazing solo and you will get your inspiration

He actually has quite chubby fingers but he can probably shred faster than anyone here (Opinion...not fact...people dont start flaming me )

Basically finger length doesnt matter, its mostly practice. It can get frustrating at times but dont let that keep you down
John Petrucci is one of the fastest players in the world. I think he has slightly stubby fingers like malmsteen (not as stubby though) if I remember correctly.
My middle finger is only 7.5 cm and i'm two years older than you. I'm having problems getting my pinky to reach some frets.