This is a video of Elise and me playing our own song Ugly Brown Jacket.
If you have seen our first video of this song you'll probably noticed we've added and changed a lot of things and we're quite happy about it now (which wasn't the case with the first version haha).
We're trying to get some good lyrics for it but we're not really good at it so we've decided to let the song be as it is for now.

Please tell us what you think, especially if you think it sucks haha so that we know where we're at

MMMMMmmmm riffs are good. Reminds me of Queen - Brighton Rock! LMAO

Thats not bad guitar work, what country are you from? Guitar work about as good as mine and i've been playing years. I'm impressed with your guitar work, little much else though since the recording quality is crap and maybe acoustics would have sounded better. Can give me some critism?