What do ya reckon, im going for the tiny terror but wanna include some tone control, sound like a good combination?
1. I find the boss EQ not that great, if I was you I would spend the bit extra for the MXR 10band, you really can notice a huge difference just having 3 more bands.

2. The TT isn't THAT limited, the tone knob has a pretty large effect on the sounds. So don't let the lack of 15 knobs make you think you NEED an EQ pedal for it. But I suppose it won't hurt to have one as long as you use it effectively.

3. Great choice! Lol have fun with that **** yo'
Yeah it'll be a while before I can afford the pedal anyway so ill have plenty of time to get used to the TT, i was hoping to hear that it has a huge effect, and thanks for the tip on the MXR ill bear it in mind till ive got the cash
will the eq affect the sound that much? i hear it won't do much since you won't be able to put it in a effects loop
^ it does make alot of difference, even if its not in the effect loop.

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I'm not a fan of using EQ pedals in front. Seems to colour the sound in a bad way and adds noise. I had a Boss one and a Danelectro one, the MXR might be quieter though.
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You won't be disappointed with the TT!

I don't have any pedals with mine thus far and the last thing I'd want was an EQ. It nails the tones I want so between the amp and guitar tone knobs, I'm all set....now I don't know whether to get a metal muff, big muff or wah...........any recommendations?

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^get a wah, unless you really need a big muff for some reason. I don't know why you would want a metal muff unless you need some really high gain. And in that case why don't you just get an overdrive and boost the terror's already plethora of distortion.
^Because I'm scared it won't be enough to reach really high gain (I sometimes like to play metalcore, its fun for the fingers :P). I'm torn apart between the metal muff and wah to be honest.

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Oranges are actually a revolution though - they're the next step from Rectos IMO.
ts: play around with the tiny terror for a while when you get it, and if you decide you still need an eq then go for it. you may decide you don't even need one. if you do...i love the mxr 10 band. has never failed me.

philjay: why don't you take your tt into a shop with you and test out some high quality od's through it to see if it can get you the gain you want. (running a metal muff in front of a tt just seems...wrong....:P)