This is a song I've been working on for the past couple of days.
It's not really the type of music I write but I had fun

It's not finished yet but I wan't to see what people think so far

Ummmmmmmmmm... It's not perfect, so I'd like people to tell me what sounds good and what doesn't, and what they like and don't like

C4C of course.


~Loki <3
Symphonic Metal - Not Finished.zip
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sounds like pretty good to me.

i liked most of it, but the violins in the begining didn't sound very well to me, maybe the harmonices.
the violins at the piano part sounded very good.
the guitar and violin leads are very cool, a
lso when the violin and the guitar play together-sounds awsome to me.
it is a bit too repetitive to me, maybe becouse its so slow, or becouse i understand nothing about this genre...

anyways... 8/10.
just finish it and make it a bit less repetitive and it would be great.

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Ok, I've checked your song and I got to say I'm impressed
It would be cool to someday hear a full version of it ;]

I'm not a fan of that kind of music, but I did appreciate the musicianship of it. All instruments, all parts are very well constructed and they share the melodies and chords beautifully and logically (individual parts are really intricate and fun to listen ;]). The rhythm instruments were really great, made a strong foundation to the song. The melodies themselves are something I would expect from Iron Maiden or something ;] which is quite nice, though like I said, that's not my type of music. The part that begins from 32 bar sounds beautiful and drums shine in there. But simply the best moment of the song is that piano solo part and everything that goes from there, that part really makes the song
What I didn't like was probably a bit of repetition at the beginning of the song, though it doesn't get boring, so it's probably just a matter of taste
Things I could learn from you would be drum and piano parts, I really liked those ;] (By the way, do you play only the guitar? It sounded like you're pretty familiar with all the other instruments)
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vinguler: Thanks
Its kinda repetetive but it is symphonic metal. So meh I'm happy with it.

UNIe: Thankyou
I think it'd be awesome live xD
Thankyou again. I put a lot into this song, but thats probably cause I've never written Symphonic Metal before
I love writing melodies, and harmonies
The part that starts in bar 32 is the most emotional part I think. I tried to make the song quite emotional but I don't know if it sounds that way.
And if you listen, the piano solo part is the same as the riff from bar 28-29
Pretty creative huh?
Yea the repetetiveness is not much to worry about I don't think. Not for this song
I love writing drums, it's fun.
Drums make the song in my opinion.
And I play Guitar, Bass, Keyboard and Drums

~Loki <3
~ Please Crit One Of My Songs? ~

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Pretty amazing man!


<3 i wanna write like u!

U still dont have a name? "Requiem to the Shadows" can be? or "6 Strings from There"
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that was so cool. HIGH FIVE.
a guy told me that the tremolo bar was called the "distortionator"