I currently play a Silvertone strat copy through a Vox AD30VT and the sound I get through it is pretty good, but I would really like a new guitar. The problem is, my parents wont let me get a new guitar for another 6 months to a year, and I will need to save a ton of money anyway. So should i get some decent pickups to put it my guitar? A guitar store near me has a pair of used american strat pickups for 30 bucks and I can get them installed for 25. Would any of you recommend this?
thats probably the best deal around, seeing as some individual aftermarkes p/us cost close to $50-$60, and Fender SNC pickup sets are around $200. so i would do tat if i were u.
Do it.
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Buy the $12 soldering kit from RadioShack. Practice for 2 hours straight and I guarantee you'll be able to install the PUs yourself.


Save yourself $25...
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Every once in a while a made in America strat has popped up with ceramic magnets. If the pickups you are looking at have ceramic magents then don't do it. If they have alnico magnets then go for it. They won't be the greatest pickups on earth, but they will be better than what you have and they should hold you over untill you get the guitar you want.
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Save yourself $25...

actually hed only save about $13. (the soldering kit costs money too)
Thanks everyone for the advice, I think I'm gonna work on my parents and save up some money for the pickups.