im a bassist in south florida, just a-lookin for a good band. i can play most styles of music my finger and im good at slap. im open to any style, so please is send me pm if your around here
gah that sucks, i was hoping for something a lot closter, i actually have a a lot of family in melbourne though. what kind of music do you guys play?
Yeah, dont worry about it. We do a little of everything. Hard rock, prog rock, classic rock, blues, jazz. Anything we feel like playing, how bout you?
Yea... it is.

I play rock, blues, classic rock, blues rock, hard rock, metal, 80s rock, lots of stuff. I would even go as far as playing punk haha. Dont know if my friend who I could get to drum would want to play punk though, but I would be willing to (not my main style though).