do fender make their american stratocasters with the normal, vintage style, 6 screw trems anymore?

on the site the american strats have those 2 point trems which go up and down.

i'm planning on getting an american one day and all the 2 point trems i've played are waaaaaaay too loose for my liking and i don't wanna bend up anyway.

can you set them up so their like a normal 6 point one? or can i buy a new american strat with a 6 point one?
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Yes, they still have them. I see them rather frequently at some of the shops I go to. Perhaps they are currently out of production, but I am rather confident they make them with both styles. Just shop around!

so with these 2 point tremelos, can you set them up so they are really tight? like they require a fair bit of effort to push down, like a normal trem?
You should be able to set up a 2-point Strat tremolo so it's flat to the body (not floating). Just use 5 springs or tighten the trem claw.

If you still want a 6-point bridge, I think the only new American Strats that come with them are the Vintage and Artist series.
Yeah they do, I have one. Very secure. I've had it locked down though. Keeps in tune for like, ever.
highway one strat !!

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If you want the bridge level on a strat with the 2 point tremolo, I dont think it looks to good with the bridge at the odd angle. Just need to find the right sized piece of wood to go behind the tremolo and it will stay level and in tune but still dive. I used some door shims easy to make thick or thinner and some wood glue. The bridge will want to pull away from the studs when the strings are off but no damage done they pull right back when you put strings back on it.