I just put up some new recordings Here called Falling for Ever and East Side of the Earth. Both are acoustic instrumentals.

Please listen to the full songs and tell me what you think.

If you give me a URL, I'll give you a crit back!!

Falling Forever sounds good, the intro is really the part that got me. The only thing that really seemed off to me was the transition into the strumming, just didn't flow like it should. Other than that not too bad, not too bad at all.

East Side of the Earth is good, I like listening to it but it seems a little too one dimensional. It's almost like someone took one section of a song and then posted a clip on the net. That's not to say that that one section isn't good, it is, but if it's going to be a song all on it's own you're going to want to build on what you already have. Try experimenting with some MIDI instruments (synth/violin for atmosheric effects, maybe drums/congas, real light but something to change the pace here and there). Use intervals for the melody at times instead of single notes, or use two melodies at once and try and weave them through each other. Experimentation is really the way to go (for me anyway), you can learn all you want but half of the most incredible stuff happens, at least partially, by accident (again, for me...well I feel like it does).
listening to the last trial...sounds good...alouth kinda detuned and stuff...but nice man

just browsing around randomly for inspiration
Thanks for the crit mattvl. Much appreciated. Regarding falling for ever, the transition definitely needs to be cleaned up. I"ll be working on making it much smoother.

Ugly man: Sounds good man. Some of the stuff I have in there isn't competely cleaned up, but others are. Enjoy.
Nice man, i like the melody really kept me listening, yeh i would have to agree the intro was the best part but the melody followed up pretty well, it'd be nice if there were some vocals. The recording quality could of been a bit better and same with the tone, but that's about it, that was a great song to keep me listening to. I like it alot!

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Sweet intro. I love it. The chord progression after that is pretty cool as well. The lead going over it added a lot to the song. The recording quality is pretty good, though it could use some work. The tone worked for the song.

Great job!
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I liked it, it sounded very....Lord of the Ringsish. I don't know why but I've been reading that book and it reminded me of it a little. Especially the name, which I liked. Better than "sweet solo".I love your chord progressions and the appregios. But when you are recording parts of it, it sounds as if your clipping the rythem when you hit the hard notes. But at the same time I love the dynamics. Anyways also thanks for the crit I have been working on my bending and music theory and all that. I remember soloing over that song with the wrong key for ages then I found the right one and it sounded leagues better. But I still need to work on my creativity a bit.

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