possibly one of the best wonderwall covers on this site
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Wow this is one of the best ive heard around here. I like the effects you put into the song as well. superb vocals keep it up id like to hear some stuff you've written keep it up.

Crit mine if you've got the time

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Actually the acoustic guitar is the only real instrument... the rest are synthetic.. thanks for the feedback guys.. keep it comin.. c4c
excellently done, i've been meaning to record this actually, you beat me to it....
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those are really impressive vocals. Powerful voice, good articulation, lotsa heart behind it. Too bad you couldnt' nail the falsetto in live forever, that was a slight dissappointment, but i understand (oh do i ever understand) that its a tough part if you don't have the voice for it. The rest of the song was great, and i liked how you didn't try to be liam through it all.

As for wonderwall, wooooow a full band! impressive. Most people just do the acoustic and leave it at that. Thumbs up. Your voice fits that song pretty perfectly, very expressive with lots of long held notes.

Also, all your recordings have great polish on them, great job keeping it professional.

if you want, you can crit what i got so far on my ugp?

lazy link: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/mangaka82/
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