i think this is the best wah pedal ever!
its so unbelievably underrated, and for me, it is better than any crybaby or vox, well for me anyway
if you agree with me please post
lol sorry its a pretty random thread, but i really love this pedal
It's difficult to judge a pedal that you JUST got. Spend a little bit more time with it before you decide that it's the best pedal EVER. But anyway, congrats!
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^ +1

There decent wahs for the price, but to say its the best you need to try alot of different ones. Not just the ones you find in stores either :P.
lol sorry, im just a little excited after getting it, it even makes my marshall mg sound good, so it must be pretty decent
but anyway thanks for your encouragement
thats cool man. as long as you dig it thats all that matters. ive played it before and really like it too. my only problem with it is turning it on and off. the on/off switch is next to the pedal unless you use the auto wah feature, which im not a fan of. i like dunlop wahs how you turn it on with you toe all the way down. but congrats man!
cheers mate yeh its hard 2 get used 2 at first but with a bit of practise it gets easy. if your a singer/guitarist and your switching to do a solo you may need to practise a bit with the footswitch but its worth it for the great tone for the money.