So I'm pissed because they're using Mike Meyers as Keith Moon. It doesn't seem like a good idea to me and Keith's my favorite drummer and one of my heroes so I feel it might be a disgrace. but then again I like Meyers so maybe it'll be good. Thoughts?
One thing's for sure, it will be interesting. I would like to see it.
comedy actors are quite often good drama actors too, its the same skills for timing lines and stuff. i reckon it could be good
keep blues alive
I'm gonna die a happy person if he does the entire movie in his Austin Powers voice.
Funny words.
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Considering that Keith Moon was a total nutjob, Mike Meyers suits the part.

Yep, i think mike meyers will definately do the job right. Besides... who else could you cast in a role like that.
what is this keith moon story you speak of it?? a movie... anyone have a link for a trialer