Anyways the riff isnt difficulkt, im jujst having positioning issues

heres riff:


Problem is my thumb, i know Hendrix made the bass note sound popular in a lot of ways..problem is how do i fret the rest the whole thing is (C#m), but i dont get why i cant just barre the 9th fret and play the riff, how would you guys do that, because using the thumb, i pretty much have to play 9'th on every string using my index? some help please
i wouldnt use my thumb. I generally don't use my thumb for chords unless its very necessary. I'd use my first finger to bar the 9th fret and middle finger for all of the 11s. Very simple.

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If I were to play that using the thumb, I'd thumb the 9 on the E, bar the 9 on the other five strings, and play the 11's with my pinky and ring.

Edit: No, I just tried it, I wouldn't. I'd start barring the 9 on the top three strings, with the 11 with my ring, then I'd move my index so it's only on the 9 on the D, then I'd bar on the D and G, then the A and D.
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boys im retarded i thought he let the 9 ring out like hendrix used to do, but basically the tab book just recommended the thumb i think for easier position changes, thanks for all the help none the less