And it's a Crate RFX120. Got it from craigslist for $180. Retail is $380 (http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Crate-RFX120-Combo-Amp?sku=487824). IT'S HUGE!!


BUT (BIG but)

This is so close to a tube amp in sound that you can mistake it for one.

It's damn versatile too. You can dial in a jazz tone in the clean channel, then immediately switch over to Rhythm for a classic Thrash tone. If that's not enough, you can dial in a modern Metal tone in the solo channel. It has about 16 DSP effects, with 10 types of delay. You can combine the Delay and DSP effects for a unique sound, and you can change it's tempo. There's also an independent reverb knob. You can save the effects with a preset button, and with the footswitch that came with it, you can turn on and off the effects. Each channel has two DSP banks. Bank A (Your effects), and Bank B, which is no effects. All three channels sound just amazing for a solid state. IT'S HUGE!!

Yes, this has 3 channels. And it's HUGE!

Came with a footswitch, and the amp is in nearly pristine condition, just a little scuff at the front.

It's 120 watts, 2 12" speakers, oh, and did I say tht it's HUGE?!

The damn thing weighs 50 pounds has a very cool vintage look to it.


Yeah yeah, I'm missing a knob. Whoop de doo.

Sound clips will go up eventually. I just realized the mic I have right now might need some tweaking in positioning.
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congrats, i hade this amp b4 i got my marshall, its a nice amp.
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I am a tube guy but my old Crate G130C really sounds good to me. Plenty powerful, ball-busting distortion. Enjoy.
Me hates you...seriously, that's a pretty good amp it retailed for like 450 brand new.