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30 35%
Not ****ty
56 65%
Voters: 86.
yeah, so i went downstairs to find a bag and it smelled really, really bad since **** was everywhere since the sewage backed up through the toilet since the main line that goes out of the house was clogged(were developing the basement so that's why the toilets there). We called a plumber and he'll be here at 3:30PM. I had to cancel all my other plans since after i have to vacuum it up and bleach the basement floor(or help my dad do it)

so, hows your day going
My day's nearly over and today was rather boring. I went to the gym late because I was stuck with some holiday homework, so I got to the gym late and by the time I was home it was late so I had dinner at home, played guitar for 2 hours or so and now I'm here
My day is going very well actually, I just finished listening to some opeth so im good.

Patterns in the IVY II to be exact.
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mines been great. ive been playing my new Floyd Rose guitar all day. its alot nicer than i thought it would be.

and my new gamecube. YAY ZELDA!!!!
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Meh, It's half 9 at night here and so there aint much time left to turn it round lol
I voted Sh*tty though, i haven't done anything, i was gonna go out tonight but it started raining really heavily. sucks.



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I just woke up.
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Not too bad, hit the gym then noodled about on my axe
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I Just woke up 5 minutes ago and it's been ok so far
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My days been alright... played guitar, socialised, then prepared some beef jerky to cook tomorrow can't wait to see how it turned out
I had some fun buying presents and trying out an Epiphone Les Paul Jr '57 Reissue Limited Edition. Then my dad's combine harvester broke and I had to empty the 1200 ton tank using a bucket.
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Bad. I'm hungover, insecure, paranoid, bored, and everyone's ignoring me

Stupid friends and their stupid food poisoning. Come on, that's no excuse.

It's fine. Nothing exciting. Nothing shitty.
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My day has already fallen into place as another lonely memory.
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Not ****ty. Woke up a little bit ago now I'm about to go chill with this Girl who is in love with me XD. Peace guys.
I´m happy coz I´m in Spain, so that´s pretty cool. But it looks like I´m running out of time on my computer so I´ll have to leave the Pit for four more days =(
Hey Meg.
Proud of you.
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Illinois. Yes, your math is correct, I woke up at like 3pm. narcolepsy will do that to you sometimes.
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My day is ok. I woke up at 2pm, watched some Seinfeld, played Guitar Hero, played real guitar, and who knows what Ill do next.