This one is based on the Greek tragedy Hippolytus, by Euripides, and is from the point of view of Theseus

Arriving home from distant lands, I hear heavy wailing on the winds,
What is this crying within the house? The nervousness begins,
Can it be something has happened to my father? He has lived long,
No, the townspeople tell me that the person was young.
My children! Has death snatched their lives away?
No, my children live, but sorrowfully, their mother died this day.

It cannot be true, it cannot. My wife! How could you be dead?
I hear you yourself brought the rope down over your head.
Was it grief and numbing loneliness that drove you to death?
Or was it some violence that took your last breath?
I cannot speak of it, I cannot bear it, I am a dead man.
My children orphaned, you have left them, my Joanne

Darkness beneath the earth, darkness beneath the earth!
Some god has driven you to this, to satisfy his mirth,
How good it must be to lie there and be dead,
Now that I have encountered this day of dread.

What is this tablet fastened to your dear hand?
It seems that you had this act long planned.
Do you beg me not to find another wife?
Sad one, rest confident, for the rest of my life,
There is no woman in the world who shall sleep by my side,
I lost hope in love, the day that you died.

I will break the seals, and see what this letter has to tell me,
Your reasons are unknown, perhaps this will help me see,
Here is endless sorrow upon sorrow! I cannot endure this!
I wish I had not read your letter, ignorance is truly bliss.
My own son has dishonoured God’s holy sunlight,
My anger overwhelms me, I don’t know what’s right,

A god granted to me three curses, now I pray,
Bring my son’s death, do not let him escape.
If he is not killed, I banish him from this land,
The god need not answer my demand.

Here comes my son, with his men by his side,
He claims not to know that his mother has died,
He tells me my words fall far wide of the mark,
I do not believe him, he will soon see the dark,
The mind of man, where will it’s daring end?
My sons villainy is too much to comprehend.

He claimed to walk with the gods themselves!
And now into my own fortune he delves,
I don’t believe his boasts of the god’s friendship,
The gods are not so ignorant to bless that sh1t,
I will see that he is driven insane when he is exiled,
I’ll spread the news, and he will be reviled.

He begs me for a quick death, the easiest way out,
He must think I’m soft, or that I’m ****ing about,
He must go at once! Had I possessed god’s power,
He would be sent to a distant black tower

A messenger arrives, he tells me my son’s died,
I’m glad, after all that he has done, I pray it was homicide,
I order them to bring him to me so that I may see his face,
I will be able to laugh, mocking my son’s fall from grace,
I called upon the god’s to strike the sinner down,
He blasphemed by trying to steal his father’s throne,

But wait, here’s another man, the plot thickens,
He tells me more news, my heart quickens,
Hippolytus is in fact an innocent,
Why did I force him to suffer that punishment?
Now I’ve lost him, and I’ve lost my wife,
How do I live this empty life?

Dear son, how noble you have proved to me!
I’ll miss your goodness, virtue and piety,
Farewell to you, a long farewell.
I have sinned, I shall be going to hell.

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