I'm new to the whole customizing thing, but, yesterday, I installed a Dimarzio chopper in the bridge of my strat. From what i can tell, it's a very old pickup, the back of it says Dimarzio 1991, even though the website says 94? Anyway, the problem is whenever I switch from my bridge to neck, there is a noticeable volume change, the neck is louder than my supposedly higher output bridge....?? Did I install the pickup wrong? Or is my pickup damaged???
The neck position is generally louder than the bridge position. This is due to the fact that the vibrations are larger as you get farther from the bridge.
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are you sure its a chopper? its doubtful since an earlier pickup by dimarzio with a similar appearance is more likely. my guess is that you mightve installed something very, very high ouput like one of the HS's or an air norton S or something else. basically, i think youre problem is that the dimarzio you installed just has a ****load more output than your other pups and its doubtful that its a chopper

edit: sorry, i read your thingy wrong, the chopper isnt that high of an output pup, only 9.19, so your neck pup probably has a similiar of higher ouput, and look at the guy above me as to why
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Yoy may have a few wires mixed up as well. With some pickups, the color of the hot wire can vary. Switch the wire you have as your hot wire now with the ground wire. This happend to me a time or two. This is advice straight from the Seymour Duncan website. this may be the problem. It's worth a try.
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Distance from pickup to strings has a huge impact on volume.
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