hi, i have a skin problem on my hands that affects my fretting. the strings on my bass are too coarse for me to slide my finger along, and i was wondering whether there are finger guards or something that would help, or maybe strings that are less coarse if finger guards are a silly idea. it would really help, because il have to quit bass otherwise.
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you develop callouses on your fingers after time, normally its a few weeks. its normal.
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You could try some flat wound bass strings. I dont know what kind of tones you're after, they will produce a much flatter sound from your bass.

Flat Wound Bass Strings
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are you really devoted to bass playing? well if you cant really develop calouses... theres always super glueing your fingers...
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Elixer bass strings should do it for you. This way you can ease into your calous and not go so extreme. Also, you don't have to press down hard on the string to fret it...you could probably stand to loose some of the pressure you're using.
im pretty sure its ecsema(nooo idea of spelling)...i dont think "calluses" are what TS is after. ive had blisters on my fingers...and found that anything apart from skin on strings just doesnt feel right or work.