Ok so i have my rg550 20th aniversary winging its way to me soon from the states (im in the UK)
and i desperatley need a nice new tube amp to replace my awful Marshall MG series

Ive been considering An epiphone valve junior (modded) + cabinet
but am unsure maybe to save up abit more and get a Orange tiny terror

also ive been looking at combos like the laney VC15, Marshall DSL401 and stuff like that

Im still pretty young and finding myself as a guitarist.

So i would like an amp with beautiful cleans, that i could then switch to a nice distorted sound by either changing amp settings or just using a few pedals

I listen to alot of various music ranging from mellow acoustic stuff to hendrix to metallica to floyd to nirvana to statriani/vai
Im really into buckethead at the moment aswell

I would like something that could carry me through my changin musical tastes, obviously switching out pedals and the like as and when needed

you have probably guessed my price range from the stuff ive mentioned.
But basically its anything upto about £400/500 ish (<1000$)

but obviously if possible i would rather spend less. then i can get more pedals etc

at the moment i have a digitech bad monkey overdrive pedal and a Digitech RP80 multi effects

thanks guys
Yeah, good looking at Laneys'. If you're looking at the VC15 that's a damn good choice, maybe go up to the 30 watt? If you have £400-£500 to spend then go to GAK (website), the Laney VC30-112 is reduced from £400 to £297 It's a damn fine deal. Amp has such great tone.
Let me know if that's advertising and I'll take it down....
oh yeah, i am also a Bedroom guitarist
so dont need anything massive....

but obviously if the best amp for the money is 30watt or something
i can just buy an attenuater and use that to get the most of it?

I dont plan on gigging etc at this point in time, and doubt i ever will
Oh ok, well if you just want a practice amp then get the VC15 It's about £220, don't go over £250 when you're buying it. (look at the website i showed in last post )
It's still a really really good amp, perfect size for practicing in your room and still gives you loads of different tones and options. Perfect for what you play, too. Try playing it before you get it though, although I guarantee you'll fall in love with it
For the music you mention I don't recommend a Tiny Terror. It's a bloody great amp but it's hardly versatile.

flickr you might
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5 watt laney lionheart?

matamp minimat or little rock, maybe? (they'd need a cab too, though)
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