For those of you living in a college dorm, how much of your rig do you bring? Are you concerned about someone stealing your equipment. And do you manage to play without bothering ppl? would it be possible to play on a high wattage amp in a dorm?
line6 pocketpod looks pretty promising

I'm probably going to be in the dorms this october. I'm getting acoustic to start with. I'll bring my electric if I get into a band or something
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When I move into a dorm, I plan on plugging my guitar into my computer, and playing with headphones on.
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I plan on bringing my marshall 1960 cabs with my EVH head and JSX head.


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electric guitars are loud enough with out an amp in a quiet room for you to play to your self or along with a record.

Have an amp ready for band practices and headphone usage if you need effects etc.

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I am going back for my second year of college and i brought my 150 watt Line 6 and i never had a problem with other ppl...believe me...they will have their stuff with them too looking for a jam session. Just keep an eye on your stuff and lock your door...
When I go to Uni next year, I'm either going to buy a POD/GT8 and a good pair of headphones, or do lots of mods to my Valve Jr to make it into a good practice amp, and take my pedals.

I'll miss my big amp
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solid. but this year its my valveking, my friends drums, and another friend with a bass. we are going to rock out. get to know people around and they wont say anything, and youll know when they think its cool to play. we were fine from 10 am to 3am
I've decided to get amazinly awesome at guitar before I go to uni and that way people will be like dancing alone and going 'hell yeah thats some sik $hit' as they go past my dorm

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Absent Mind, words cant express how much i love you. Id bone you, oh yea.

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Absent Mind is, as usual, completely correct.

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Id like to make my love for Neil public knowledge as he is a beautiful man
I am at university at the moment and I've generally had no bother.

It would depend on what you plan to do- are you studying music, joining a band or just wanting to play? If you answer yes to the third question then you should probably only use a small amp. I only had a small 30watt bass amp with me.
Also, I assume that your room will be lockable? If so then security shouldn't be an issue as you can control who gets into your room. Just make sure you do report it if your keys go missing.
You should also check your dorm insurance policy covers guitars. I was in a dorm where insurance came as part of the rent, and it covered me for £700 ($1400) of losses for musical instruments. If you have to arrange your own, make sure they know that you are a musician.
Another thing to look out for is the rules. My dorm stated I could only play bass between 7am and 11pm. There is nothing anyone can do if you play to the rules, unless you are really causing a disturbance.

My own personal experience was fairly positive. I only had my amp, bass and bass tab books with me in my room, and I managed to mostly practice during the day when noise wasn't an issue.
My dorm actually had soundproof music rooms so I didn't have to worry about noise and I could practice at high volume easily.

My advice
- Take what you need in terms of kit, not what you want. If you can get away with a smaller amp, then make that do. It will save you time and save space.
- Be considerate. If you have even the smallest worry of disturbing someone, then find somewhere else to play. If someone comes to your door and asks you to turn down, then do so. You'll be a popular guitarist then!
- Make sure your halls of residence or dorm knows you have the equipment. Then the security staff will know and keep a closer eye on it.
- If you have a roommate, think of them too!

Hope this helps.
Zoom G2. mad amp models with a headphone out. they are cheap too.
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I brought my guitar to the college dorms last year. It was an electric and for half of the year i just played it unplugged, it was loud enough to practice but of course, without an amp what's the point, right? I have a 212 all tube combo amp, and I moved it into the room. The volume wasn't a problem as much as the size was. If you're gonna be in a small room, a huge amp might be a problem. But you can always keep the volume low and no one will complain unless you live around total assholes. My roommate was cool with it, so I guess it depends on how yours is too.
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acoustic or if you plan on playing really late then just play electric without an amp or headphones
I wouldn't worry too much. If you want to bring a real amp, you can just use it as furniture.
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you dont think people will complain about you being too loud?

then they'll complain, and you'll either tell them to piss off, or stop for 10 minutes and start again. As long as you're not going to be playing thrash metal at 2am, i can't see it being a problem. You're only going to have other students around.
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If you bring a giant full stack you can use volume reduction so one normally is 10 after you use it.

Headphones would work if you get good ones.

And if your really good, nobody will care if you are playing good music, at a fair level.

don't blast it. you dont have to be super quiet. Just if your playing and somebody says turn it down, plug in headphones or turn it down.

But bring your amp if you want to bring it...

or...you could buy a midi guitar and play through your computer speakers. Which would most definetely work.
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I'm gonna bring both acoustic and electric. I might consider buying the Line 6 Pocket POD. It looks pretty cool. =P

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If you have a nice tube amp that you want to bring you could always buy an attenuator.
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It's stereo amp, and I don't think it's tube. However, for a stereo amp, it is very good. Don't plug guitar into it; just use it as hi-fi if it works.
I douibt when i move into a dorm or soemthign that ill ahve time to play guitar because of the extreme RAKAGE AND FUN!
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just take an acoustic with you and keep your big gear at home, unless you get a band then you may have to move it
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when i dormed, i brought my little 15 watt amp. It wan't too overpowering if you don't crank it I keep my room locked, so i didn't have to worry about theft, but if you're place is open-door i'd hesitate. I also bought a small 5 watt pocket amp from a local store, and kept it in my pocket, wandering down the hall jammin out. Made me mighty popular for a while.

i have never had a problem, but i have always brought my acoustic
this year i am bringing my electric and a little practice amp in addition to my acoustic, but that is because i have a room to myself
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I also bought a small 5 watt pocket amp from a local store, and kept it in my pocket, wandering down the hall jammin out. Made me mighty popular for a while.


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