ok for the record, i tried searching for this and i couldn't find any other board that this would better fit on, so i put it here not really knowing if its the right spot...but anyway..

i really want - no, need- to be able to play guitar and sing at the same time....i can do one or the other by itself, but i cant do them at the same time...

so i was wondering if anyone had any tips for me or any songs that might be easier to do this for and then i could work my way up to harder stuff.....the only song i've semi-successfully sung and played at the same time is the song Rammstein (by Rammstein)....but thats not really saying much since the guitar part is 3 positions played over and over....

so please if you have the slightest bit of help, it will be greatly appreciated..thanks
I'm the same way. +2 points, any help?
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Practice. There's not a lot else you can do...make sure you know the guitar part instinctively, make sure you know all the words and the vocal melody then work at putting them together.
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one more jumping on the bandwagon- i can change chords but i cant use any strumming patterns but straight quarters, eighths, sixteenths...
You basically have to know each part down solidly.

Practice practice practice.
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you have to deassociate your voice from your strumming

best thing to do... practice the guitar till you have the riffs down like its nothing (really no effort on your part)... and then memorize the lyrics... then put it all together

some good songs to practice:
what i got- sublime
never let you go - third eye blind
pinch me- barenaked ladies
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^ Yeah, that's it, voice and strumming separate.

It should become natural eventually, just singing whilst concentrating on playing.
yeh it takes a while before you can sing and play at the same time, i suggest you try and practice playing and either talking or singing reli easy songs, eg: green day, blink 182 ect.
it takes alot of time but once you start to get used to it you'll find it easy. you just gotta get to the oint where your not thinking about what you are playing with your guitar
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thanks for all the advice

anyone have any other songs/bands they would recommend for this?
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for starters try and find songs thats strumming pattern is about the same speed as the words, or at least a steady constant strumming pattern, that way you dont have to concentrate too much on what your playing and think of the words. as you grow more accustomed to playing a song, you should be able to let your mind think of other things like singing words to a song, and again you wont have to concentrat to much on what your playing and be able to think more of singing. hopefully that made some sence. but some good songs to try this on are beatles tunes, easy strumming little chord changing, and just try and sing along, i really like doing that

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I'll play Elderly lady behind the counter. That may be to easy though ?
You just practice it. I used to be horrible at doing it, now I can pretty much play anything and sing (even some simple-ish solo's)
Ilearned by playing house of the rising sun, if you can pick the arpeggios and sing you get the feel for where you need to start each phrase or whatever. Then you can strum it and do the same.

I'm still not that great at it but I can do it. Takes a fair while and lots of practice to get it perfect every time.
I started practicing with island in the sun by weezer. the verse is pretty simple to keep a consistent strum and throw words in. worked for me,
You have to get the guitar part down so perfectly that its mindless playing. Wonderwall's a good song for this.
Know the words! I always screw up when I need to hesitate and think of words to a song.