im getting pissed off cuz ive been playing for about a year, i have pretty good finger speed, and my picking is good, but i cant play all of the notes in the god damn bar chords. what are some ways to practice things for bar chords?

i play electric and acoustic btw
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just keep doing it, eventually it'll come right. When I was first learning to do it I kept worrying about which part of my finger to fret which string with etc. and couldnt figure out where I was going wrong, but eventually you just can do it, and 1 day you'll suddenly realise that you've been playing them for a month and havent noticed.
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Yup, you just have to practice barre chords. If you're struggling with them on the lower frets you can try them higher up, say around the 7th where fretting is easier, but there's not much else you can do other than keep plugging away.
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Practice playing them OPEN with middle, ring and pinky. Then when you move them up, you only need to concentrate on the barre itself.
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