hey there guys ive really wanted to compose/make this song kind of in the style of "Have You Ever Loved A Woman" by Derek & The Dominos but a bit more electrified, but i have no idea where to start, as to rhythym and such, so if someone could help give me a lesson on chord progression i guess is what im looking for that would be awesome :

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a basic lessson in chord progression is that if you play a e chord the nest chord that would sound good with it is Achord bcause its the 3rd step away and then C so a c and e go together and b d f and it goes in a circle thats basic
"Have you ever loved a woman" is just a basic 12 bar blues in the key of C. So use the I IV and V chords of a key and youve got it.
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Well, here's some info on root movement.

I -> IV or V
IIm -> V or VIIdim
IIIm -> VIm or IV
IV - > V or I
V -> I or IV or VIm
VIm -> IIm or IV or V
VIIdim -> I or IIIm if you're in minor key

Keep in mind those are just the most common movements and they are not rules that should be strictly followed. So experiment and use your ear.