I'm having a musical identity dilemma. I am torn between two very different genres of music and can't seem to resolve them.

I love playing funk. I have a funk rock band minus a singer ready to go when I get back to school. We played some last year and came up with a bunch of original material and all we need to do is find a singer and begin gigging. Playing funk rock is very fun, but sometimes I feel somewhat limited. It doesn't feel like I am creating a musical landscape or "painting".. it doesn't feel like a work of art. I think this is because it is not melodic at all and doesn't convey any emotion really. The main feeling is just "funky porn-groove get up and move" type vibe.

On the other hand, I love writing prog rock. This summer I took a break from funk and rediscovered my love for writing mellow and emotional music. With prog rock I feel like I am an artist, creating something vast and beautiful. Its very personal as well, whereas the funk is very withdrawn emotionally. I have only written and recorded prog rock by myself and have never played any of my prog rock songs with a band. I'm unsure if my funk rock band would be interested in playing this type of music, but they might be.

One problem I am working through is I feel like a funk rock band would be more well received by the general public than a prog rock band. Its just that a lot of people don't like listening to very extreme music that is emotionally heavy. That would make me lean towards playing funk rock.

However, like I said earlier I feel like writing prog rock is where I can fully express myself and create art. This would indicate I should play prog rock.

Then comes another problem: This summer I have written about 4 or 5 prog rock songs, which I feel is a lot for this genre in the 3 or so months I spent writing and recording.. they are all 6-8 mins long. The problem is I feel like I spent all of my creative energy writing these few songs. I feel totally drained musically and somewhat emotionally from pouring myself out into these songs. Some of that is the recording process, which is necessary because I don't have a band to create the songs with, but I need to record them to have the songs exist. So I feel like I've "run out" of "prog rock energy" and the past few days when I pick up the guitar I've been playing funk rock.

So my main problem is I feel like when I go back to school I need to focus all of my energy into one band or another in order to start having a serious gigging band. I really want to have a serious band that plays regular shows, and I feel like if I have two bands I'll end up having two bands that may not be as serious as having one band that I can devote all of my energy to in order to ensure its success. I'm at a complete loss as to what I should do.

My main goal is for my band to be successful so I can make a living out of playing music.
Prog funk?

If you could find a way to bridge the two genres, I'm sure people would admire your innovation.
i read like a half but heres a suggestion. solo career your progress arsty stuff. and funk band
everyone wins! lol

ok i read the rest now

since your musicallyh burnt out just wait for something good or bad to happen. like i was so drained then i find out my girlfirned to europe gave her virginity to a guy she doesnt even know then wheni asked if she did anything at all he lied about it. im more pissed about the lying. but w.e. sory UG had to hear my weekend's story. but anyway i pumped out 4 songs from one incidient

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

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Try seeing if you can make some prog-funk. If you can't I'd go with the funk, but that's just me.
If you can't, I'd go with prog, but thats just me.

Or, ditch both and do country. o.O
I'm kinda the same as you. I'm in a band and we play a lot of funky stuff. But I also like to write kinda melodic jazzy stuff when i'm not writing with my band. I feel like I can put much more expression and intricacy into the stuff I write by myself than into the stuff I write with my band. But at the same time the stuff I play in my band is fun to play, and I still enjoy playing with a band a lot. I don't really focus on any one more than the other, I just do both at the same time. I could care less if anyone hears the stuff I write on my own, I just write it because I like to. I guess what I'm trying to get at is that if you already have a band that you like to play with and you feel good playing with them, you should defiantly continue playing with them. And if you also like to write other stuff too, then you should. Just write it because you enjoy doing it. You don't really have to give up one to do the other.
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I'm in a similar situation. Only not so much with funk (even though I love funk) but with a rock band (think Tragically Hip). What I found myself doing is having a solo project, and then working with my band. My solo project is progressive instrumental music, thats weird and strange and heavy, so I decided to keep it as a solo project for fun and things like that. Then, with my rock band, thats what I perform my show with.

I dunno if that helps, but its a win-win situation.

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I had the same problem recently with prog metal and punk. I just decided i wouldn't overthink it i would just make a riff incorporating both styles and it is the best stuff i've ever made. The best rock comes from combining different styles so try to mix elements of both would be my suggestion.
^^yeah, why don't you try mixing a few elements of this with that? if what you liked about prog rock is the emotion then why dont you try incorporating emotional and poetic lyrics in funk?
Yeh fusion is a good way to go. It often combines elements of funk and prog as well as jazz and rock.

You could always do a bit of both (prog and funk). Perhaps do one prog song a set.
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Haha, I knew prog funk would come up.. but thats the real trick. I'm having such a hard time trying to resolve the two genres... Someone in the chat said it would be like mixing chocolate and mayonnaise... Not only are they hard to mix, it would probably taste awful. Nonetheless, I'm trying hard to mix elements of the two but I haven't had much luck yet.

As for sergio, I totally get your point and I have thought about it myself as well. I somewhat am going through the motions with the funk from a musical standpoint. Its really fun to play but I'm not exactly pouring myself into the music. However, I do see a funk band being more accessible to the general listener and my ultimate goal is to play music for my career and that seems more realistic with a funk band, which would being me lots of pleasure. This sounds like I'm selling out, it might be just that... In my defense of that, I would say that I'm not changing what I write with the funk to gain popularity.. I'm still keeping it real in the music.

I also feel like once you have made somewhat of a breakthrough into the musical world you can more easily pursue other musical projects and have those be successful as well. For my case this might be my prog band.
prog funk is wonderful, theres a local band here that kinda does that called addnerim, they rock. go for it man!