So, yesterday i went to a nickel creek concert. ( i know alot of you probably dont like them but its irrelevant)Before the show my brother and i signed up to win front row seats to the show.(ours were lawn seats in which you cant even see the stage) And my brother one so i got front row center seats, it was amazing. This thread is pointless but i just thought id share, because it was the coolest concert ive ever been to.
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I've been to one concert with seating... that was Primus... odd isn't it? and you had to stay in your seat... the place it was at was where orchestras and dance preformances are held... we had floor seats... but they were in the back... sooo lame seats... awsome concert... the other concerts I've been to have just been go where ever in the place u want. most of them I just stay in the back with friends but got front row for one
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10th row for Motley Crue/Aerosmith, 6th row Ted Nugent, Front row for Flatfoot 56 (Ok there were no seats, it was at a club )
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