ive waited to succeed, and waited to achieve
what you set before me, goals that make me free
from my cave, i gaze
at your body that lies, to me, about your past

but i still think you look pretty....
pretty on my wall, with all your scars they call
to your future, as i stand corrected by my feelings
you crawling from window....

ill show you comfort in my arms
and the strength in my bed
that has alluded our minds
and stuck in our heads
as we extract our excitement
and insert our thoughts
oh oh oh oh

ill turn the fan on high to dry our sweat
and remind our bodys that are soaking wet
that the chill in the air is not just in our minds
but a sign, a warning sign, that

taking it slow just might be best
but under the blankets, its opposite
as we look at the clock
and back at each other
oh oh oh oh

yeah thats all i got so far