Hey all, just been messing around with my Squier recently and noticed that really, it sounds very good at the right settings. I haven't modified it at all and its a made in china 02, 20th anniversary bullet. From what ive heard its made of Alder, which makes it one of the better Squiers. Thought ive been hearing things about the wiring inside of them being 'crappy'

Could someone please explain how the wiring could effect anything? I'm thinking of opening it up soon and possibly re-doing the wiring if it will change anything (ive got no idea what its like inside) and shield it. Some tips on shielding it would be nice too, and other methods of customizing/making it sound better without spending much money.
The problem with the "wiring" in Squiers is the same as the problem with wiring in any other budget range guitar. The components that are used for the pots, the switch, and the jack are pretty cheap, and not nearly as good as you would get in a Fender or a Gibson.

If you are happy with the sound, then you probably don't need a pickup change, you probably don't need a wiring change, but if you wanted to get into modding with a fairly easy project, you could buy some nice CTS pots, and Oak 5 way switch and a switchcraft jack and wire it all up with decent quailty wire, and you'll have a nice little project, and no cheap components in the signal path.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend it unless you wanted to have a little project to do, or unless you were changing the pickups.