im just wondering if any of you know where i can find the tab to the song on the snickers commercial? i dont know why i just have a strange urge to learn that song.
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sorry dudes, but who would read this if it said snickers commercial song?

Why couldn't you just say "Snickers Commercial Tabs?" or something like that. That way, you don't sound stupid, and people can think "Oh, he wants to know where he can get tabs for the snickers song!"

Then, they can help you accordingly.
I don't care what this thread is ACTUALLY about. I'm going with the title. I mean I got my opinion ready and everything. As of late I prefer acoustic.
i also think it is funny when people throw temper tamtrums on the internet.
dude, its the pit, everyone would look at it, it had the word "snickers" in it. Its like saying mudkipz.
Actually i think youd get plenty of views with a title "Snickers Commercial Song"

people love that song.

i dont know where you can find tabs.

acoustic and electric both have their days. who doesnt love to walk around the house with an acoustic playing ballads to their family and who doesnt love to rock out in their room on electric?
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