ok here is the deal, my father and i decided we want to record all his LP's onto cd's because some of them you cannot buy any longer, my question is would i be able to record the lps onto the computer and on to sony forge or cubase with my line6 toneport ux 2, and if not, what is necassary to be able to record or what else do i need. any help is appreciated
The best way I found to Digitize Vinyl would be to invest in a USB turntable. I may be a little pricey but it makes everything very easy.

The system basically works like this

Vinyl->Turntable->USB Port->Editing software(Audacity)->Export to Mp3 or other

I've also tried hooking up a normal turntable to my Mbox and then into protools but that is very complicated and if you don't already have the hardware/software can also be very pricey.
im not sure of the outputs of a record player but my dad has an old one and i have an amp that will take the feeds from the record player.
my goal is to get all of his records....(and he has something like 200+...) onto CDs.

I'll be using a home PC and analog mixer setup like I do for all my recordings.

If you don't have any recording gear like me the best way is that USB player mentalwarfare was talking about.

ok so you have a toneport.
I think you must have an audio amp like a amp/receiver to take the audio of the record player and then you can take the output of that amp and feed it into the toneport....that should work.

(my amp/receiver - being used to power my studio monitors):

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thanks i'll be sure to check it out, i'll go down to the store and ask them aswell just don't want my dad to get ripped off,cause he just does what he thinks is right
EDIT: just realised that preamp does not belong to the TS...

Anyway, if you could post a pic of yer vinyl player it'll be helpful...

I recoreded some vinyls onto cd's a while back too.
But i've got the modern turntable which you connect to the home theater system.
I just used a 1/8" balanced jack (the normal headphones one) to connect the "headphones" output from my home theater into the mic-input of my laptop.

played the vinyls, used audacity to record it. once recorded, burnt it onto the cd.

Are you deciding to get a new vinyl player or do you wanna use ur old one??

cuz if you wanna get a new one then the USB turntable should do the job for you. You'll even get the software for it. It should just be plug-in and record.

If you've got an old turntable, then you'll need a pre-amp to boost the signal. You'll need to connect the outputs from the turntable into the "phono" inputs of the pre-amp.
Connecting it into "line" wont really work. You'll hafta connect it into "phono" for the turntable.

once done, connect the pre-amp output into yer comps audio-input (or if its a digital interface, its connected by a USB or Firewire), load up audacity or cubase or whatever software you're using. play your turntable, record onto the software.

If your turntable is the modern ones, and has a built in pre-amp, then you can use you line6 thingy to record it. Just connect the turntable/pre-amp into the line6 toneport and record like you record your guitar.

If you turntable is an old one, then you'll need a pre-amp with a "phono" input to record it off the turntable. The line6 pod/toneport doesn't have a "phono" input so it wont work.
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yes the UX1 and UX2 do have preamps on board.
I'm not sure what the audio layout of it is...meaning does that preamp only work for the mic XLR inputs on the UX2...? A good look at the manual should tell you what the preamp knobs effect.

as for the connector of the record player...i think they are RCA type meaning you'll need some adapters.