Hey Pit-dwellers hope your all going well.

Anyway the time hascome when my top e string has broken and my low e is sounding like it will soon follow suit. I need (or strongly want at least) to string my electric back up-my guitar teacher normally does it but I won't be seing him for a fair while and I am not going to wait!

So Pit, do anyone of you have EXPLICIT (detailed) guides, or links to guides, help or whatever, on restringing electrics? If so, please post (the link or guide, whatever)

Here are some pics of my guitar to give you an idea....of how to string it, or whatever(sorry for repeating that word so much in this post, but it is apt)

The Guitar Itself to give you an idea:


The BRIDGE close-up:




Back of guitar (where the strings come out-by the way, I can remove strings without fuss):


Thanks Pit, I always appreciate your help and whatnot

By the way, I can take strings out and tune a guitar fine and well, it is just the putting the string through the machine heads and that that I...well, suck at and cannot do.
Need any more pics, just ask.
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Just thread the string through the head hole and have some slack on there and start winding away on the tuning peg.

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^^^^^^^yeah, its not hard.

Make sure you stretch the heck out of the string tho - or else it will just go out of tune all the time.
Isn't this in the wrong thread? Anyways, darkdude's link should help you out.
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wow, large pics, you should resize them

search for microsoft powertoys and get their "image resizer"
right click the photo icon and say medium.
it will make a resized image icon for your to put on photobucket
or you can use photobucket to resize too...

anyways, restringing:

its close enough..
just a different bridge setup...
just replace one string at a time...dont ever take all strings off your guitar or youll warp the neck and need to fix it up with the truss rod adjustments.
1 - Wrong forum. Should be in Guitar & Bass Basics -or- Electric Guitar

2 - Ridiculously large photos.

3 - Tutorial already exists in Guitar & Bass Basics.

4 - ???????

5 - *Reported*
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1 - Wrong forum. Should be in Guitar & Bass Basics -or- Electric Guitar

2 - Ridiculously large photos.

3 - Tutorial already exists in Guitar & Bass Basics.

4 - ???????

5 - *Reported*

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