I have the following items that I'm willing to sell or trade:

ESP LM-50 Guitar (With Gig bag)
Randall RG40R Amp
Digitech RP80 Multi-FX Pedal (With Digitech Cover)
Epiphone Fat-210 Guitar (With Gig bag)

I have these following items that I might consider selling or trading if the right offer comes along:

Ibanez RG350EX Guitar (With Hard Case)
Randall RG75 Amp (With Custom Trolley)

If anything interests you, talk to me. Just remember though; I live in Australia.
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Is that USB adaptable, can you upload presets, etc. And does it come with a wah wah pedal?
No it isn't USB compatible. But it does have 80 great effects on it, alot of which i have made myself. What style of music do you play? I daresay I'd have some sweet effects on there for whatever particular genre you desire. Yes it has a wah pedal which is used for wah, volume adjustment etc. Good fun to toy around with too!