So what do you think is the best strap for you? Whats the most comfortable, durable, just the best allround strap that youve had/used? i am looking to buy a new strap so i need suggestions and recommendations. if you have any recommendations that you would like to post, that would be awesome.

i got a thick suede strap i got off of musicians friend for only $20 and i love it, very comfortable, even my heavy archtop is comfortable with it
I personally like the DiMarzio ClipLock in nylon. It holds up pretty well and is very comfortable(and it gives you a few extra inches if you like your guitar low )

Oh and its only 20 bucks
DiMarzio Clip Lock,
Pretty self explanatory after playing one live show with it.
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yeh ive heard good things about levys, is their any in particular that youd recommend?
that dimarzio strap sounds sweet tho, thanks for the suggestions guys
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well as i said id suggest the tread wear straps,and they're made of recycled tires if im correct so theres no wonder they feel so comfotable and durable.
so i suggest you look around guitar sites and try and find some decent prices on them.
and if not a normal leather levys are really good as well.
but be prepared to pay >£25 as they are top quality
i agree with dimarzio clip lok
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Does the DiMarzio strap work with any guitar?
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45 dolalrs for a strap? idk dude it better be worth it if u want it
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I have used a nice Levy strap for 3 years. It feels great and has never let me down.
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lol yeh thanks for the suggestions, itsounds and looks sweet, and i don't mind paying a lot for a strap because comfort helps your playing and confidence alot
Hey the guy I have four of those 2-1/2" Boot Strap padded Levy's, they are awsome. Schaller straps locks and you are good to go.
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I've had a nice studded Levy leather strap for about a year now, I got it for $40 and it's still holding up strong, not a sign of wear anywhere. It's great quality, and it looks pretty sweet too. I think it's a wise investment.
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i agree with dimarzio clip lok

Agreed, never have to worry about the guitar slipping out of the strap.

The only con is that the one of the screws got stripped (is this the best word to use?) and I had to hack it back together with some plastic/wood glue on the screw...which fixed it.
Planet waves is most comfy...plus it has a pick pocket....

Cliploks are ok, and Dunlops are meh...but PW is best.
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Does the DiMarzio strap work with any guitar?

clip locks come with 2 sets of screws and bushings so you can put it on an ibanez sized screw hole or an...... everything else sized screw hole!
I bought this strap they had at my local guitar store. It's a Couch brand. It's like made out of seatbelt material.
i have had a Levy that i got from GC for $5 for almost 3 years.
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I use the $6 Ernie Ball straps, they're wide, and go super low. I like them, and with straploks, it's perfect. I also have a no-name strap with the lightning bolt on my SG, like every other amazing guitar player that uses a red SG standard. Please don't go out of your way to prove me wrong, I'm just talking about Angus, jack Black in school of rock (I think) and most importantly, Rivers Cuomo.
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I'm a big fan of planet wave straps, very comfortable, good designs and have a handy pick holder right on your shoulder. I rhymed.
I have a strap from the early 60's that my grandma gave me. Its groovy.
The DiMarzio Elastic and Nylon Cliplock are nice
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I like my white monogrammed Fender strap. John Mayer uses the same one, but I swear I had it first.
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heya sorry guys i had 2 go offline -- thanks for your input, il take al this into consideration
thanks molsons golden and fatal instinct, the levys straps look pretty awesome, and youve made them sound pretty awesome too. guitar god elf, that must have been pretty bad on stage, i hope u and ur guitar r ok from that, id b pretty embarassed lol.