Poll: black - Good or bad?
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i hate nigg3rs
3 43%
nigg3rs hate me
2 29%
i am a mushroom
6 86%
i am white and hate nigg3rs
2 29%
i am a self hating nigg3r
1 14%
i like cheese... but not nigg3rs
2 29%
i havent had the pleasure of meeting one of these 'nigg3rs'
1 14%
Voters: 7.
What's with all this racist N word stuff on UG over the past few days? A new "meme"?

Just **** off.
Populus vult decipi. Decipiatur.

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It's can be a contraction and genitive case.

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If you cut down on these costs students won't learn so well, effecting the "quality"...