Other methods of recording on the computer other than USB

I need more info on this

I heard someone mention firewire however not sure what that is.

Also a buddy of mine mentioned something about a Sound Blaster X-Fi or something...would that be an option and how would that work.

Image of sound blaster X F1 below

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I use the Boss Micro BR to record my playing and when I'm done recording I can transfer to my computer to further edit it.
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Firewire is just like USB... only a different connector and slightly faster....

M-Audio has good firewire interfaces. They are really good for recording audio and are also compatible with Pro Tools M-Powered if you need to do any mixing or production.
this is a really good recording interface i'ld recomened... it its too expensive for you, you can get the FW Solo. Its the smaller version of it. (less inputs and outputs).
Is this the guitar port your refering to...want to make sure.


Also where and how does it work on the puter.

I already bough m audio fast track however Im returning it and getting something else instead.

Thanks for your help.
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the fast track is better than the guitarport IMO.....
well its got a better sound quality...

And why are you returning the m-audio fast track??
My problem right now is my puters minimum system requirements...my puter is a dell however Im still running windows 2000 and my puter doesnt have enough memory for the fast track (which requires windows XP)so Im hoping to at least try the guitar port until I upgrade my computer.

I wonder what the requirements are for the guitar port.

I guess I will keep the m audio untill I get a newer computer...im looking at a second hand one for around $250 that will meet my requirement needs.

Thanks for the help guys.
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most of the recording interfaces nowdays are made for XP's....
there are not many that are still windows 2000 compatible...

Here, this one is windows 2000 compatible...
it should work on yer comp....
it requires pretty low specs to run...

there's this one too...

And guitar port needs XP too...
Those guys above are your best bet...

But you need to have service pack 4 for yer windows 2000. you should be able to update that from the microsoft website...
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Excellent info...thanks alot for those links

I might buy the M-Audio Transit Mobile Audio Interface

MobilePre USB is around $200 so I guess Im better off getting a second hand computer instead and just use theM audio fastrack i already have
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yup, the transit is pretty cheap, it should work out for you till you get a new comp...

its actually a really cool device too.. its really small so its extremely portable, and its got pretty good quality too, you can start recording anywhere with it and a laptop...

and you even get ableton live lite with that... so should come handy for some recordings n all...