Hey guys
i'm new here and just kinda discovered the agile thing.
Anyone have one of these bad boys they're interested in letting go?
Same here!
Make that 2

I might just get the 200$ one off the site and if i dont like the pups ill change them lol
Ritchies Music Center in Totowa or Rockaway (can't remember which town it was technically in, and it's in New Jersey) had a bunch around Christmas
Just got my spalted AL-3100, and I love it. Sooooo smooth.

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^mmmm... I was thinking of getting that... But I thought i'd buy a peavey classic to change from my spider II instead.
Call me Wes.
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LOL. My Classic 30 just paid for that guitar. Swapped the amp out for a JC-77.
Smooth deals with: messiahofevil, bassdrum
I'm looking for an Agile AL-2000 that isn't white, black, or the flame top so if you have one let me know. Thanks