I have only been playing a year, and I play mostly Punk, Alternitve, Classic Rock, and whatever genre the White Stripes are. I have a budget of $300-, but I can go over some if needed(but not much). I'm currently looking at these guitars:Fender MIM Strat, MIM Fat Strat, Modded Squire, Ephiphone Les Paul Standard, and Ephiphone G-400 SG. I will be trying them out later at GC, but probably not buying. I'm also looking at used Strats. So....
Are the Ephiphones good for the genres I play? I play a lot of Zeppelin, and I know Page used a LP. Will that still sound good on a Strat? I've been looking at a lot of used Strats, and I have a friend selling a used Strat, previously owned by a pro musician. He knows nothing about guitars, and doesn't even know where it was made. Hes selling it for $100-200, I plan on testing it soon, and it seems my best option. But, would I be better off with the LP, or the modded Squire? The SG seems the worst option right now. I'd rather have a Fat Strat than a normal one, but having only Single coils would be fine. So, what to get? What not to get? I'll still test all of them, but I need a heading.
And finally, Vox AD15VT or whatever the best $200- Roland Cube is? I'll be playing a lot of clean, and also using effects for the genres I named. Thanks a ton for even reading this, and even more for answering. Oh yeah, and this is my 3rd topic if you noticed. But the other two are long dead.
Strats do not sound like LPs. You need to try them out and see what you like better - I bought an LP but then sold it for a Strat, I just didn't get on with it. Go for a G400 and a AD15VT - The Vox is better than the Cube for what you want, and I prefer the SG to the LP. Plus the G400 is solid wood, and you get better fret access etc naturally.
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Ok, thanks. And I won't be able to test any out today after all... My parents decided to have some people over for dinner instead. And Static, do you mean my other topics? They are not only dead, but the guitars I'm looking at have changed from topic to topic.