Well, summer is winding down and its time to start looking for new gear. are there any other shredders out there in UG. what do you ride? and where?

I am buying a new board this year, just looking at the new capita stairmaster, sexy. what will be the top park boards this year?
GO Islanders!

i got a lamar. everyone else hates them but i love it. i cant wait till winter to board again i love it
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I've got the snakeskin looking burton board. Shamfully I can't remember it's real name. Burton boots and really cool bindings that again I cant remember the name. I usualy go in Feb or April to Sweden but for a treat coz my dad has loads of time off so we're going to the U.S or Canada. So psyched.
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I love snowboarding....
But there's no snow in ireland........

but i'll probably go somewhere this winter....
i hope i do!!