is there anybody out there that owns/ has played BOTH the :marshall MG15MSII or the Marshall MG15MSZW Limited Edition Micro Stack? if there is i need opinions on what 1 is better, if possible please list some of the different likes and dislikes.any help is greatly appreciatd.

Really they're just a gimmick, they're basically a normal MG so it doesn't sound very good, grand for a beginner though because lets face it we all wanted to have gear that looked good wen we started out!!
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The micro stack gets pretty crappy reviews, I wouldn't buy it. It does look good though xD.
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agreed tone will almost certainly be ****ty

says the guy who uses line 6, pfft.

but on topic, i think itd be alright for practise and jamming but dont gig it.
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says the guy who uses line 6, pfft.

but on topic, i think itd be alright for practise and jamming but dont gig it.

yeh i agree its ****ty

but anyway

spider > mg
All microstacks are horrible, with the exception of the Krank Rev. Jr, which is overpriced.
Quote by Guitar-God-Elf
yeh i agree its ****ty

but anyway

spider > mg

hell no, more like

Spider = MG in terms of quality.
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spider > mg

i disagree entirely.
i use a MG100DFX and if people actually took their time to dial in their tone there wouldn't be half as much people hating on them.
i borrowed my bandmates spider 2 for a while, i played it a bit and its impossible to get any decent distortion or overdrive, any tone just gets lost in all the fizz.

MG > spider
yeah i say don get one.

however line6 flextone XL III>spider>MG.

the alan parsons project band uses a line 6 amp head with a marshall cab. man it sounds sweet live.
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Back on topic, microstacks are a gimmick, don't buy them. End of story.
get an epi valve jr head and a 2x12 cab turn the cab sideways and you got a great mirco stack right?
I don't like as i lay dying
Buy the MG stack, gut the speaker out of it and put a Roland cube in there. Then you'd have a pretty nice setup.
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dont buyy it , its terrible , just buy a cube 30 or summing similar
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Microstacks are just a silly gimmick really.

Look into a Roland Cube if you play metal, a Vox AD if you play anything else.
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