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11 65%
sam i am
6 35%
Voters: 17.
Here's the first duel of the contest (look at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=639920 for details)

Vote for the recording you like more (not just for technical reasons), and please add a comment or something so we can make something constructive out of this.

metaljim's recording: http://www.purevolume.com/metaljim - ug blues
sam i am recording: http://samjparker.dmusic.com/ - UG Blues Battle

This guys may have different recordings on the page other than these, so remember to check out the right one! (the name is written in italics near the link)

The poll will last 6 days from now, may the best win
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metaljim won to me, but i think he should have had a different tone i think that would have made it a whole lot better
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metaljim pwned sam i am easily.

edit : how do i enter one of these?

Go on the main thread and read the rules.
I give it to metaljim.

I didn't care much for metaljim's guitar tone for this song, but technically much more solid. I thought it was lacking the "blues" feeling overall.

sam i am had a much better start, and better tone for the song. There were flashes where I thought sam i am was going to really rip into it, but it just didn't come. Left me wanting for some solid blues "hooks".

I struggled with that backing track myself, it was hard to get a good feel for the song for me, so I'll commend you both...good job.
i would have to say MJ. sam i am had better tone and a good feel but overall i think jimbo took it. good job to both. nice battle.
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Damn they were both good. But I have to give it to MJ just because his comes to life earlier, where as Sam's didnt shine until the end of the song.

Also I guess I prefer MJ's tone
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i am going to listen and vote but i think there should be some sort of voting structure in the future?
something like this
1 - 10 10 being the best possible score


Composition(or flow)

i think this would work out better because someone may be more into technique that votes,or someone else more into feeling,or even someone who goes for the overall picture.what do you think?