Alright, I pretty much understand modes and scale theory, enough to put it into use.

What I have noticed alot of is that people say a scale has to ascend through the strings. It doesn't, does it? Can't I just keep jumping down a given string chromatically to play a scale? I mean, sure it would be pretty lame all on one string, but is it acceptable to do so? Or would that violate something about scale theory?
it doesn't matter at all, if i understand your question correctly, all those people are crazy, scales can be played basically anywhere on the neck on any number of strings, which adds to the guitar's unique qualities, if you play a scale on one string it might be a tad boring, but it certainly isnt incorrect
No he's just saying to use your pinky when needed (ect). What you're doing is called linear scaling and actually some of "the greats" do it to warm up, I don't really reccomend it, but it's good to be able to do, but be able to do it the other way to. It allows for increased speed, however your away leaves you with a better understanding of the fretboard