Its impossible to install locking nuts on a guitar that doesnt already have locking nuts installed

am i correct, or am i wrong?
no, you can install a locking nut on pretty much any guitar.
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Quote by winno
Someone said to me that you can't use a 'vintage' tremolo bridge with a locking nut, because once you put the nut on the strings go out of tune again.
Is this true?

The locking nut will raise tension *slightly* when you lock it, making the notes a slight higher pitch. Easily fixed by tuning a bit low.
Your neck may not easily accommodate a locking nut. And if you don't have tuners on the trem it probably isn't going to work well.
Its not a good idea to but one on unless you have a locking trem too really. If you're having tuning problems try a graphite empregnated nut and/or licking machineheads.

Or just put pencil lead on your strings to help them move through the nut.
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